We Split My Commission.

Most buyer agents give their buyer clients some sort of token of appreciation for allowing them to represent the buyer in the purchase of real estate. The buyers receive a GIFT, or a BONUS, or a REBATE, or a REWARD but...
The most frequent gift is a potted plant.

At ABR Realty I will give you thousands of dollars. Do the math:

Buy a $100,000 house and I’ll give you $1,500

Buy a $200,000 house and I’ll give you $3,000

Buy a $400,000 house and I’ll give you $6,000

Buy a $800,000 house and I’ll give you $12,000

I have been paying my clients since 2007.

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Every ABR Customer Gets Cash Back on Their Home Purchase

That's right... thousands of dollars can be yours. Just allow ABR to facilitate your home purchase transaction. Use our tools and methods you will get a share of our commission after closing.

  • The best real estate search engine available in the Greenville market.
  • Same-day responses to your e-mails and phone calls.
  • A website loaded with in-depth information about the Greenville area listings.
  • Years of experience working for Upstate home buyers.
  • Rebate program backed by the Department of Justice

Click if you want part of Dwight's Commission !

Here's How It Works...

1. Hire Dwight as your Buyer's Agent.

Dwight Smith is a licensed South Carolina Realtor® and Broker in Charge with ABR Realty. He is also an Accredited Buyer's Representative. An Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR®) is an official designation of the National Association of Realtors. Realtors® with this designation have completed specific training and years of service to provide service to home buyers. Dwight provides every ABR home buyer a written contract stating the rebate commitment.

2. Purchase a home listed in the Greenville MLS.

Dwight can facilitate the home buying process for you; Providing online home search tools, scheduling home showings, preparing your contracts and submitting them to the seller. See me before you contact any other agent, including other buyer agents, or on-site agents at new home communities, or the agent on the "for sale sign" in the yard of a house you are interested. They all could possibly prevent me from being engaged in your home purchase.

3. Receive Rebate after Closing.

Real Estate transactions are typically closed by an attorney. Once the transaction is officially closed, ABR Realty's buyers receive their rebate check in about a week.

Click if you want part of Dwight's Commission !

You earned it fair and square...

These days, buyers do more of the work of buying a home themselves, including:

  • Online home searches
  • Previewing homes and communities
  • Finding the home they want
  • Scheduling a tour.

We recognize the work they do and provide them a rebate of part of our commission.

Our Philosophy

Our buyers are fully engaged in the home buying process and we like that, and pay them for their efforts.

Most buyers think agreeing on the purchase price is the end of the deal. At ABR, the purchase price negotiated with the seller is just the beginning, there is still a lot of work we help you through. Including mortgage loans, property inspections, requesting repairs, keeping the paper work moving, scheduling the closing. After the closing is complete, ABR Realty, gives its buyers that purchase a home a rebate!

Typically this rebate is approximately 1.5% of the purchase price. Contact Dwight for more details!

As an Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR), Dwight works for you... the buyer.

The listing agent, selling the home, is obligated to work in the Seller's interest, not yours.

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